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If you represent a trade body, employers’ association or membership organisation, your members may need to benchmark their staff’s salaries to the wider market.

What are Membership Surveys?

Since 2004 Paydata has been collecting and analysing membership data on careers, pay and conditions. We have worked closely with a range of professional institutions and associations to create and run annual surveys to both benefit members and encourage individual or company membership.

Specialist surveys for employers’ associations and trade bodies

Either individual members or member organisations have similar positions, typically in a particular industry or discipline. A confidential survey designed and run by Paydata enables members to compare their pay and conditions to other members but in a confidential and legal way. This is especially important as members often compete with one another for talent.

In addition to producing an overall report for the sponsoring Association or Institutes, we can also produce reports for individual members showing how their pay compares to the market, as a member benefit.

Bespoke surveys for professional institutes and associations

Paydata provides a tailored survey support service that includes member contacting and chasing, robust data collection and analysis, detailed reporting and adherence to legal requirements, especially regarding confidentiality.

For example, over a 10-year period we have conducted an online survey targeting business school alumni for a membership organisation. We collect and analyse data about post-graduate career paths. The questionnaire covers salaries earned over different time periods, for different positions and across different sectors.

Collecting membership survey data

Paydata works closely to design each survey so that it meets each sponsoring organisation's individual needs. This means agreeing the types of information to collect, the method of collection, how the findings are analysed and presented and how the survey results are distributed (email, paper-based or online).

We have developed a flexible survey database over 20 years to collect and analyse a wide range of information.

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Sign up for briefings on pay benchmarking, salary surveys, reward strategy and statistical updates.

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