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Our HR software PayReview has been designed to help Human Resource departments manage and track pay review within the business more efficiently. 

How our PayReview software can help

PayReview is an online hosted software, using the latest technology to allow you and your staff the freedom to spend less time on managing, tracking and implementing pay review within your business. PayReview software has been designed with the customer in mind, offering a central location for managerial input and employee reviews, making the pay review process more efficient and cost-effective.

We understand you’ll have lots of questions while trying to decide if this service is right for you, so feel free to get in touch and our team will gladly answer any queries you have. In the meantime, we’ve answered a few of the key things you’ll want to know…

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Why should my business use PayReview?

Our customers tell us that they can spend more than 500 hours each year managing pay reviews, but our pay review software has helped them complete the process in timescales that were previously unachievable. This has resulted in more saved time for HR departments to offer better support for their staff.

Will I receive ongoing support?

Absolutely! The amount of software support you receive can be tailored to your requirements, either providing you with a full management package or delivering software for independent use.

Will PayReview work for my worldwide business?

PayReview software is suitable for all types of organisations, including those that operate in geographically diverse labour markets. As an online pay review management solution, you can use our software in multiple countries and regions, allowing management from various departments to record staff performance which is automatically forward to HR. Fully versatile, our user interface can easily be customised for different currencies, varying types of pay structure, businesses and branding.

What benefits will this software service offer?

With real-time information available to managers and HR employees, decisions for pay benchmarking in the UK and abroad can be made with overall finances in mind, for both individual employees and overall departments. This allows your managers to see exactly what effect pay changes will have on budgets going forward.

When the time comes to consider reward strategies or a staff retention strategy, no longer will your staff lose time over how to conduct a pay review or implement an effective reward strategy. Our salary review software provides all the necessary data, added by the managers working closest to each individual employee, and stores it centrally for easy access by your HR department.

Will this be a safe and secure option for us?

Our PayReview software offers peace of mind for data storage. All your data is centrally and securely stored, allowing you to rest assured knowing that your data will remain safe and secure on our world-class hosting platform.

Fully customisable

You can use your business branding and terminology to make PayReview software instantly familiar for users.

Easy to use

It is a straightforward and logical system. Your pay review administrators use a simple management database to administer and track the review process.

Saves you time

By giving you access to a single data source, you can streamline decision-making for HR and line managers; this offers significant time and cost efficiencies.

Stores your data securely

Your data is stored centrally and accessed securely, so you don’t have to collate and distribute spreadsheets to multiple individuals or locations. Your data is held centrally on our highly-secure, world-class hosting platform, in line with industry best practice, so it’s easier to maintain data security. Managers can log-in to calculate, input and sign-off reward decisions.

Fully supported

When you use PayReview software, you will get access to a range of support services, including online training videos and tutorials, and dedicated telephone and email support. We’ll also train your system administrators (usually HR colleagues) to get the most out of the system.

Easy to manage costs

The system helps you quantify and debate pay decisions in real-time during your pay review. Line managers can explore the impact of their reward decisions within a clear budget; and administrators can track and manage decisions for individuals, departments or overall structure against budgets in real time.

Would you like to know more about our PayReview software? Get in touch to arrange a free online PayReview demonstration. 

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