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Organisations need market intelligence in order to inform their internal decisions. In particular, there may be specific employee survey feedback on an element of reward (e.g. overtime rates) or an organisation may be finding it difficult to recruit or retain certain roles.

Need access to specialist market data that isn’t available anywhere else?

Paydata’s bespoke surveys can help you access vital market intelligence on terms and conditions including pay and benefits. You may require this service to find pay data for a specialist/niche role, industry sector or a specific benefit or allowance. Or you may need a more general HR survey to review terms and conditions for a group of roles.

Anti-trust legislation prevents employers from directly sharing commercially-sensitive information and trying to collect this information yourself can be time-consuming. Using Paydata will ensure that you are anti-trust compliant and data will be collected in a robust, comprehensive and confidential manner.

Collecting bespoke salary survey data

Paydata follows a proven process to conduct these types of surveys. The first task is to agree what information to collect, who to collect this from and in what way – agreeing the project scope (including a questionnaire) is important for a successful project outcome.

Once agreed, we approach the list of target employers and find the correct person to speak with. We then contact them and send them relevant information so that they can decide whether to contribute (in exchange for receiving the results), following this up with a call.  If sufficient employers have said they wish to contribute, we will collect the market information directly from them and follow things up until we get the answers you need.

Once the information has been collected, we collate and analyse it, producing a detailed market report for you that highlights how your approach compares to market practice. We provide the summary report to the other participants. We can also prepare and present the report's findings to an agreed audience.

Typically a bespoke salary survey takes around 12 weeks from start to finish. If you are a member of an existing salary survey, where those working relationships already exist, it may be quicker. It really depends on survey relevance, scope and complexity.

Would you like to know more about our Bespoke Pay and Benefits Surveys? Get in touch.

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Sign up for briefings on pay benchmarking, salary surveys, reward strategy and statistical updates.

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