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Paydata conducts a specialist Construction Salary Survey, covering contractors in the building and civil engineering sectors. This provides construction companies with valuable, accurate and specific external market information to inform reward decisions, much of which is not available anywhere else.

High staff turnover can affect business’ ability to retain talented and experienced members of the team and can impact staff morale, placing additional pressure on your existing employees.

To avoid losing highly skilled and extensively trained staff to your competitors, our UK construction industry salary surveys help businesses like yours to not only retain, but also attract highly talented personnel from across the industry by ensuring your pay packages are competitive.

Construction Salary Survey

The salary survey provides information for each survey role, at both a national and regional level, covering base pay and total cash, plus hours and main benefits.

Survey roles include (but are not limited to) roles in the following areas:


  • Commercial – e.g. Commercial Director or Manager
  • Quantity Surveying – e.g. Quantity Surveyor or Assistant Quantity Surveyor
  • Estimating – e.g. Estimating Director or Regional/Principal Estimating Director
  • Site Engineering – e.g. Site/Section Engineer or Assistant Engineer
  • Operations – e.g. Operations Director or Manager
  • Planning –e.g. Planning Manager or Planning Engineer
  • Design –e.g. Design Director, Manager or Design Engineer
  • Supply Chain/Procurement – e.g. roles that require negotiations with sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Buyer – e.g. those who negotiate contracts with sub-contractors and suppliers (likely MCIOB or MIPS qualified)
  • Health and Safety – e.g. Health and Safety Advisor or Regional/Major Project Health and Safety Manager
  • Site Management – e.g Site Manager, General Foreman, Trades Foreman, Section Foreman, Sub Agent or Assistant Site Manager

Civil Engineering:

  • Commercial – e.g. Commercial Director or Manager
  • Operations – e.g Operations/Regional Director
  • Quantity Surveying – e.g Quantity Surveyor or Assistant Quantity Surveyor
  • Estimating – e.g. Estimating Director, Managing/Senior Estimator, Junior Estimator
  • Engineering – e.g. Chief Engineer, Project Engineer and a Senior Engineer who reports to either of these two roles
  • Design – e.g. Chief/Senior Design Engineer, Design Engineer or Design Director
  • QA – e.g. QA Engineer or Manager
  • Site Management – e.g. Site Office Manager

Benefits of Building and Civil Engineering Survey membership

Best market practice

Determine market practice on pay and benefits for building and civil engineering roles across the UK.

Compare relevant employers

Compare your organisation's approach with other relevant employers that operate within the sector, many of whom only contribute to Paydata’s survey.

Latest market intelligence

Receive up-to-date and accurate market data via our online pay portal, whenever you need it over a 12-month period.

Guide decision-making

Inform your internal decisions in a highly competitive labour market and support your recruitment and retention strategy.

Ongoing support

We provide full support to help you understand the latest industry trends based on our leading reward experience within the sector.

Membership cost

  • Salary Survey membership costs £945 plus VAT for a 12-month subscription to the survey; and
  • HR Workshop membership is free.We offer access to additional reporting options, including filtering the results to a chosen comparator group (subject to minimum sample populations), a diversity report (covering market statistics on gender, service and age) and an employee market report (that provides a market rate for each matched jobholder).


Would you like to know more about our Construction Salary Survey? Get in touch.

Stay up to date

Sign up for briefings on pay benchmarking, salary surveys, reward strategy and statistical updates.

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