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Inform your internal pay and benefits decisions by using a wide range of salary benchmarking data. Our PAYanalyst database captures accurate market practice, enabling you to benchmark the pay and conditions of a wide range of roles in your organisation.

PAYanalyst market database

Our PAYanalyst market database helps you to benchmark a wide range of roles in your organisation. Our database holds salary survey data for around 1,000 general industry roles that most organisations employ. If you require more specialist roles, then our industry salary surveys or ad hoc benchmarking are more suited to your needs, as alternative sources of market data.

Pay benchmarking with PAYanalyst

Our PAYanalyst market database holds current pay and bonus market data for hundreds of general industry roles, from basic skills through to senior professional/middle management. We arrange roles into job families, which examine the nature of work conducted, and job levels, which cover seniority of work. The database provides information on both base pay and variable cash data.

Key benefits of PAYanalyst

Captures a range of roles

We largely directly-source payroll data, which gives us access to a comprehensive, wide range of roles to analyse. PAYanalyst is designed to cover the majority of your support/generic roles.

Covers key support roles

For contributing organisations that require a limited number of roles, we also offer a Support Services Survey that covers around 50 key support/generic roles.

Clear and easy to use reports

Our reports are easy to interpret and may be personalised to each contributor, clearly illustrating how their pay compares to the wider market's pay.

Convenient data collection

To minimise contributing organisations' time and resources, the process of data submission is very flexible, via either a questionnaire, proforma or payroll download (only non-personal data is collected).

Latest market intelligence

We keep our survey database up-to-date all year round, enabling contributing organisations to draw from the latest market data throughout their annual subscription, whenever required. This means that accurate data can be used to inform pay and benefits decisions.

Compare relevant employers

Benchmark your roles with over 150 participating organisations from a wide range of industry sectors, some of whom only contribute to Paydata’s survey.

  • Club membership costs £2,000 plus VAT for a 12-month subscription to the survey; 
  • Support Services Survey membership costs £650 plus VAT for a 12-month subscription to the survey.


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