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Paydata’s industry salary surveys and networking HR Groups enable you to access pay market data for specialist jobs in a wide range of sectors and regions.

Our participant-only surveys enable you to compare your pay and benefits arrangements in a confidential and legal way with relevant sector employers, many of whom only contribute to Paydata. We provide the information you need to offer the right package to attract, retain and motivate employees.

Industry Salary Survey

Paydata’s experts have set up and managed industry salary surveys for almost 20 years. We have experience in creating salary surveys ourselves, as well as being commissioned as an independent/outsourced third party by existing industry groups. The common theme with these groups is a need for a legal, tailored survey solution that meets the contributors' needs.

We believe that employers know their jobs and the market better than anyone else. We therefore work closely with contributing organisations to define the survey scope, such as the jobs covered, the information collected and the report outputs. Our networking groups offer an easy way to meet and exchange ideas with other like-minded HR professionals in your sector.

We currently operate Industry Salary Surveys in the following sectors:

The key benefits of our Industry Salary Surveys

Bespoke solutions

We liaise with the survey contributors to develop a tailored industry survey to meet their needs. Our systems are specifically designed to be adaptable to different requirements.

Clear and easy to use reports

Reports may be personalised to each contributor, clearly illustrating how their pay compares to the wider market's pay.

Happier Employees

Employees are reassured that their pay is objectively assessed with the wider market in mind and set in fair way, using external experts in the field.

Convenient data collection

To minimise contributing organisations' time and resources, data submission is flexible and can be via a questionnaire, proforma or payroll download (only non-personal data is collected).

Latest market intelligence

We keep our survey database up-to-date all year round, enabling contributing organisations to draw from the latest market data throughout the year, whenever required. This means that accurate data can be used to inform pay and benefits decisions.

Relevant market data

Contributors can select a number of add-on report options, based on their needs. For example, subject to sample populations, the survey results may be filtered to a chosen comparator group of employers. Diversity (gender, service and age) market reports are also available.

Would you like to know more about our Industry Salary Surveys? Get in touch.

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Sign up for briefings on pay benchmarking, salary surveys, reward strategy and statistical updates.

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