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Paydata offers a wide range of salary benchmarking surveys that provide companies with valuable, accurate and specific external market information to inform reward decisions, much of which is not available anywhere else.

Why are Our Salary Surveys Important to You?

Employee turnover and dissatisfaction are affected by many different variables, but none are more consistently relevant than salary. If your business is not offering an industry standard salary or better, then this leaves your employees at risk of being tempted away to a competitor with the promise of increased pay. Our salary surveys offer the best way to ethically and legally collect salary data on other businesses within your sector, allowing you to compare your own pay structure with other similar organisations.

The greatest advantage of utilising a salary survey is that the data is available all year round. Most of our survey options involve a 12-month subscription, meaning that the salary data you are referencing is always up-to-date, relevant and accessible.

Our survey systems can adapt to your requirements, allowing us to tailor-make a that meets your needs directly. Combine this with the latest market data, simple submission system and concise reports that we prepare, and you’re left with a flawless salary survey that captures the exact information you need with ease.

How Do We Acquire Salary Survey Data?

Our salary surveys are built using a proven approach that we have been refining for over 20 years. As most of our surveys already have a pre-defined list of job roles, sectors and desired information, we can go straight into approaching relevant businesses and asking them to take part. If a business agrees to participate in the survey, then we pass the questionnaire over to them and collect their salary data. This is compiled into a large data bank that all the participants have access to, therefore benefitting everyone who takes part. In the case of our bespoke survey solution, we first ascertain what information needs to be collected, then create an appropriate questionnaire before continuing with the normal procedure. This system ensures that the data we obtain is legal, secure and void of any personal information.

We currently offer these Salary Benchmarking Surveys: 

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Sign up for briefings on pay benchmarking, salary surveys, reward strategy and statistical updates.

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