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If you need a job evaluation system to accurately grade every job in your organisation, PAYgrade is a quick and simple solution. Our approach gives you a robust and consistent framework that makes it easy to compare jobs. Not only does this help with structuring your pay and reward, it also makes benchmarking, organisational review, career planning and equal pay compliance more straightforward.

What is the PAYgrade job evaluation system?

PAYgrade has been designed by a team with decades of job analysis and grading experience across organisations of all shapes and sizes. Using just five factors it is quick to learn and intuitive to use – most customers can be up and running after a half-day training session.

Its simple methodology provides a consistent framework in which it is easy to compare jobs and enables you to correctly compare your internal roles to the wider market.

PAYgrade job evaluation is delivered through the web – you just need a browser and an internet connection.

Why use a job evaluation system?

Job evaluation offers your business a number of advantages:

  • Forms the basis of a fair pay system underpinning the grading structure that you use to manage pay and benefits;
  • Makes market benchmarking more precise and reduces the possibility of overpaying or underpaying your people;
  • Helps you to review your organisation's structure by highlighting the relationship between roles in the same reporting line;
  • Allows you to identify overlaps and gaps in responsibilities between your business functions; and
  • Helps you to identify career, talent management and succession planning opportunities by mapping out the relative size of your roles and their responsibilities throughout the organisation.

Why should I use PAYgrade rather than another job evaluation system?

Requires minimal training

So you can get started quickly and explain it easily.

Reads across to other benchmarking data

Not only do the PAYgrade results align to Paydata’s surveys and benchmarking data, they are also directly comparable to those used by the main salary survey providers, so you can continue to use your existing market benchmarking sources with confidence.

Is web-based

The software is readily accessible and you can easily control and organise all of the data that you need.

Frees up your time

Its quick and easy-to-use format means you’ll spend less time grading jobs.

Helps you explain decisions

Based on sound principles and practical HR experience of different job evaluation methods, the system is a credible way of demonstrating the reasoning behind your decisions.

Would you like to know more about our PAYgrade Job Evaluation Software? Get in touch and arrange a free online job evaluation demonstration.

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Sign up for briefings on pay benchmarking, salary surveys, reward strategy and statistical updates.

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