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Membership Surveys

If you represent a trade body, employers’ association or membership organisation, you may need specialist salary survey benchmarking support.

Paydata’s experience in creating salary and rewards surveys includes working with a range of professional institutes.

Specialist surveys for employers’ associations and trade bodies

Members of these organisations often have similar types of jobs, typically in a particular industry or discipline. They must exchange pay and benefits data in a confidential and legal way, especially as some businesses may compete with each other. The organisations may also want members to access benchmarking data as a membership benefit. Typically we produce a personalised report for each company, showing how their pay compares to the market.

Paydata has substantial experience of supporting such specialist salary surveys – one example being our construction industry salary survey. We collect and analyse data from member companies about a range of jobs that most of them have in common.

Bespoke surveys for professional institutes and associations

These bodies mainly have individual members, who share the same profession or qualification. Again, Paydata provides tailored salary survey support with robust data collection and adherence to legal requirements.

For example, we conduct an annual online survey targeting business school alumni for a membership organisation. In this survey, we collect and analyse data about post-graduate career paths. The questionnaire covers salaries earned over time, positions and roles and movement across employment functions and sectors.

Collecting membership survey data

To make sure the membership survey exactly matches your needs, we work with you to fine-tune your requirements. That means agreeing what data will be collected and how the survey will be distributed (email, paper-based or online).

We have developed a flexible database to collect and analyse the data. This is usually modified to meet the needs of the association or professional body.

If you are interested in finding out more about Paydata membership surveys, please get in touch.