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Property and Construction Consultancy Salary Survey

Paydata’s Property and Construction Consultancy Survey of Pay and Benefits is customised specifically for property and construction consultancy employers. 

The salary survey covers base pay and total cash, with personalised reports showing company market position; plus main benefits, hours and allowances. The survey covers over 20 different industry specific roles:

Quantity Surveying roles:

  • Project Director / Salaried-Partner - Quantity Surveying
  • Associate / Principle - Quantity Surveyor / Cost Consultant
  • Senior Quantity Surveyor / Senior Cost Consultant
  • Quantity Surveyor / Cost Consultant
  • Graduate / Assistant Quantity Surveyor
  • Trainee / Apprentice Quantity Surveyor

Building Surveying roles:

  • Project Director / Salaried-Partner - Building Surveying
  • Associate / Principle Building Surveyor
  • Senior Building Surveyor
  • Building Surveyor
  • Graduate / Assistant Building Surveyor
  • Trainee / Apprentice Building Surveyor

Project Management roles:

  • Project Director / Salaried-Partner
  • Associate / Principle Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Graduate / Assistant Project Manager
  • Trainee / Apprentice Project Administrator

Other roles:

  • M & E Surveyor
  • Design Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer

Benefits of Property and Construction Consultancy Club membership

Take part in the Property and Construction Consultancy Salary Survey and you will receive a full survey report at a time to suit you. Paydata will also provide telephone support on using the survey, and answer any pay questions you may have. You will also qualify for membership of our HR Forum.

  • Club membership costs £850 plus VAT for a 12-month subscription to the survey;
  • Participation in the Property and Construction Consultancy HR Forum is free;
  • Access to additional reporting options available, including comparator group analysis and an employee market report.

If you would like to know more about Property and Construction Consultancy club membership please get in touch.