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Construction Reward Management

While the construction sector is a popular one that many are keen to enter, having worked with the sector of more than 20 years, we know it is not without its difficulties. The sector employs often highly skilled roles which command a premium. Getting the pay and reward strategy right is therefore a key component to recruiting and retaining the people you need.

This is where Paydata comes in, providing reward management services and guidance on how to implement a reward strategy that actively engages and motivates your people.

Construction Salary Benchmarking

Although the construction sector is a popular one, it is increasingly difficult to find and retain the skills required. As a result, the construction salary in the UK needs to be an inviting one; salary benchmarking can help ensure you are pitching your pay strategy right against your competitors. Paydata work as an independent intermediary, collating construction industry pay rates, allowing you to have a comprehensive view of how you pay compared to the market. This data can then be used to inform your pay decisions and improve employee attraction and retention levels.

Human Resource Management in Construction

The construction sector is as busy as any other, and juggling different projects can often prove a challenge for those working in HR in construction. Paydata’s flexible HR and Reward support can help ease the burden for human resources in construction, providing assistance, often at short notice, for your reward and general HR management needs.

Reviewing Construction Pay Rates, UK

Operating in a constantly evolving sector means that the construction pay rate and strategy must do the same thing. Paydata provide access to industry-specific salary and benefits data, allowing companies to adjust their pay strategy in line with the market. We advocate companies conducting regular and considered pay reviews to ensure they can continue to retain and engage the people they need.

Construction Reward Strategies

Paydata provides reward strategy and design services to the construction sector. As part of our mission to ‘make lives better at work’ we help employers to design and deliver a comprehensive reward package to boost employee loyalty and satisfaction. We work with employers, keeping your company’s objectives in mind, all while ensuring your employees are recognised and rewarded in the right way.

Construction Areas Covered by Paydata

Paydata works across a number of construction areas, including the following:

  • Housebuilders
  • Civil engineering
  • Property and construction consultancies
  • Facilities management
  • Mechanical and electrical


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