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The annual pay review can be one of the most intense parts of the year for a company’s HR team. For all but the smallest companies, the amount of moving parts and information to collate can quickly become overwhelming. So the thought of adding new software into the mix can be daunting.

At Paydata, we appreciate that your problems don’t immediately disappear as soon as you acquire a new tool. That’s why our PayReview software includes a managed service; this means that one of our expert advisors will accompany you from start to finish. Here we discuss how we ensure you get the most out of the PayReview software.

1. We review your existing processes

Organising the annual pay review requires a tremendous amount of work. The addition of short deadlines and tight turnarounds only compounds this issue. As a result, there’s often little or no time to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your approach.

Our managed service starts off by reviewing your existing processes. We will consult with you to see how we can improve them and the best way to merge your strategy with the PayReview software. Its intuitive design means it can accommodate whatever process works best for you, so you’re not forced into a specific way of working.

2. You can focus on your data whilst we set everything up

One of the hardest parts of a pay review is collecting and organising your company’s data. It is the lifeblood of the review, and any issues with it can quickly cause confusion and delays for your managers.

That is why, once you are happy with the implementation plan, our experts will configure the software for you. This allows you to focus on getting your data together whilst we do the rest of the work for you. We will set up regular meetings to review progress and allow you to make any adjustments to the specification.

3. You will have our support from start to finish

Our support service does not stop once everything is up and running. In the first few days of a review, we find that our customers perform a lot of data administration. It is also common for reconfigurations to take place once users have logged in and the true scope emerges.

That’s why we stay with you throughout the active review period. We can help you carry out any necessary tasks and make ensure the process remains stable.

Why do it alone?

Here at Paydata, customers know us for the depth of our support and our willingness to offer expert guidance. This remains true for our PayReview solution. The annual pay review is a critical process for which failure is not an option. That is why our managed service is so closely intertwined with software itself.

If you would like to see how we can help with your annual pay review, please get in touch.

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