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Bespoke Pay and Benefits Surveys

Need access to specialist pay information that isn’t available anywhere else?

Paydata’s bespoke pay and benefits surveys can help you access this vital information. You might need a bespoke salary survey to find pay data for a specific role or industry. Or if you are looking for detailed information on a specific benefit, a bespoke benefits survey could fit the bill. Or sometimes you might need a more general survey to review terms and conditions for a group of roles.  

One option might be to collect the information yourself. Sometimes that is feasible, but you have to be very careful to meet the legal requirements. We will make sure any salary survey data we collect is robust and meets all the usual legal requirements. 

Collecting bespoke salary survey data

When you commission a bespoke salary survey from Paydata, we will follow a series of project steps. The first task is to agree your questionnaire and target companies who will complete the survey. Then we contact each company, usually by telephone, and find the right person to talk to. If they agree to take part, we will send them the questionnaire and follow things up until we get the answers you need.

Once your questionnaires come back, we analyse the questionnaire data and produce a detailed report for you, highlighting key points about your policy or practice. If you would like us to we can also prepare and present the findings to your team. We also provide a summary report to survey participants to thank them for their time.

Typically a bespoke salary survey takes around 12 weeks from start to finish. If you are a member of a survey club it can be quicker; it really depends on survey complexity and respondent follow-ups required.

If you need advice on bespoke surveys for your organisation, please get in touch.

Looking for sector specific salary information?

Paydata’s club salary surveys help you benchmark pay and benefits quickly, efficiently and with minimum hassle. We currently operate these specialist salary surveys for clients in a variety of sectors, including Construction and Business Services, Airlines, Housing, Call Centre, Retail Technology and Professional Associations and Institutes.