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Along with our sister company Amite, we released the latest version of PayReview software almost 6 years ago. Since then, a lot has changed; in both the world and the way we work, and what we know about building software.

Today, we want to give you an insight into the next version of PayReview. Rebuilt from the ground up in collaboration with our customers, we have taken the lessons we have learnt and made the best pay review solution yet.

User Interface

The most striking difference in the new PayReview is the user interface. Since our last version, we have brought Drew on board as our new Head of Design and Delivery. With almost a decade of experience working in the user experience industry at various award winning agencies, he is bringing his expertise to our pay review software.

One thing customers felt was lacking in our software was visual flair. It gave them all the data they needed, but the presentation was too sterile. Indeed, the perception of the experience can be more memorable than the experience itself. With this in mind, we are introducing interactive charts and widgets. These make it engaging to use and enhance your information processing for a clearer view of the data.

We are also making the experience more unified. We find an example of this on the manager’s main review page. All the most important features are now accessible from one screen. You no longer need to navigate between different parts of the system to access the features and information you need. Whether editing the data, applying an advanced search, or viewing the audit log, it’s all there within one click.

A more robust backend

With the system being rebuilt from scratch, we have been able to implement a more efficient architecture.

We saw customers raising concerns when attempting to upload high volumes of data (8000+ records). There were also reports of system slow down at the higher ends of the approval chains where senior staff might approve thousands of employees at once. With our new backend, PayReview can comfortably handle tens of thousands of records.

“We are bringing together everything we have learnt from helping customers to launch and manage their pay reviews and integrating it into the new application. The improvements aren’t just to the look of the app - we are fundamentally re-engineering the app to improve the speed and efficiency.”
Drew Hajduk

We have paired this with moving our data hosting to the best servers around. UKfast are trusted by organisations such as the NHS, The Royal Air Force, and many of the world's biggest brands. And now they will secure your critical data behind the same ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant infrastructure, secured to UK government IL4 standards.

Reimagined features

We have sought to make PayReview more efficient and coherent across the board. One of the major areas of focus has been the approval chains. These are where you organise the business hierarchy that your employee records move through up until their final approval.

Previously, this required an unnecessary amount of repetitive data entry. It has now been completely streamlined. This allows you to do things such as change the approval chain for an entire department or move one employee between different chains in just one click. The same efficiencies feed through to the data imports, minimising import errors by making them easier to spot and rectify.

“Our focus is 100% on helping you improve your processes. From the very start of the design, we have looked at every feature to ensure it is delivering the best experience for our customers.”
Paul Hajduk

Another area that has received attention is the reporting. The previous version of reports was quite bare bones. Now, using a new data visualisation engine, you can explore fresh perspectives of your data. Interactive graphs and the ability to drill down further mean you will always know what is going on.

This improvement mindset runs throughout the system.

Best in class pay review software

We are committed to making PayReview the best software of its kind. Through the utilisation of the latest technologies and working with our customers, you will find that it is fast becoming the ultimate pay and reward solution.

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