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Executive Benchmarking

Executive benchmarking process

Benchmarking executive pay is a complex subject. To make it work, you’ll need a thorough knowledge of your business and its structure; a detailed understanding of executive pay systems; and access to the right data.

Executive pay and reward

Paydata has an executive pay and reward database, for which we collect information directly from our customers. Combined with the latest data published in FTSE 100 and 250 annual reports and accounts, we offer three services to help you benchmark executive rewards:

  • Pay benchmarking for a specific role (or roles), to help you make key recruitment or retention decisions;
  • Drafting remuneration committee reports to inform your annual review; and
  • An executive salary survey, focusing on the construction and business services sectors. 

Analysing executive reward

Our team brings many years experience of executive pay benchmarking to the table; so we can help you to interpret market data correctly. We draw data from companies in relevant industries, check fit for size and complexity and make sure information meets corporate governance standards.

We will assess senior executive roles, including areas such as turnover, employee numbers, levels of non-UK business and structural differences. You will receive an easy-to-use, personalised report with the answers you need.

Of course, how much you choose to pay your executives is a management decision. You’ll also want to consider factors such as personal contribution and experience. But our thorough approach to benchmarking executive pay will ensure that the rewards for your top team are matched appropriately to the demands of their roles.

If you would like to know more about executive pay benchmarking please get in touch.