Top five tips for successful job evaluation

Job evaluation can sometimes be described as a dark art.  Below are my top five tips for getting it right:

1. Understand the job

In order to evaluate a job effectively you must know what the role is accountable for, and what knowledge, skills and experience are needed to do the job competently. A well written role profile or job description can help, as can spending time with the job holder.  

2. Evaluate the job not the person 

Whilst this can be hard, you must think about the job and not the person(s) doing the job. 

3. Stay consistent 

Inconsistencies within an evaluation framework can cause lasting problems. Regular audits can help mitigate inconsistencies. Having a set of benchmark roles, which you can refer to during an evaluation, can also help.          

4. Don’t make assumptions 

If in doubt about any aspects of the role, ask someone who knows. This could be the manager of the job or the job holder themselves.  

5. Evaluate in the present 

Do not evaluate the job as it might look in the future, or as it was in the past, but as it is now.