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Research and Insights

Paydata is a UK leader in pay statistics, economic data, HR market research and insights into employee opinion. We can help you to monitor industry trends and spot factors that influence reward management policy.

Seminars and Training

Discover networking and learning opportunities, through our specialist workshops and forums.


PAYnotes is our regular blog about what is happening in the world of pay. 

PAYstats National Pay and Labour Market Statistics

A monthly update on key areas such as inflation, employment and average earnings.

Research and Publications

Keep in touch with what is happening in the world of reward management.

Employee Research

Find out what your people think about their work and your company, so you can target policies and rewards more effectively.

Pay Settlement Database

A new service from Paydata – PAYaward is a ‘by employer’ pay settlement and business insight service that informs your pay review discussions.

UK Reward Management Survey

UK Reward Management Survey helps you to take an informed view about recent reward management trends.