Our Vision & Values

At Paydata we have a simple vision – that our customers choose to stay with us for life. We focus on making people’s lives better at work, and take pride in doing the best job we can. Excelling for customers is our top priority.

These are the values that guide us and determine how we deliver for our customers: 


  • Positive and proactive approach
  • Friendly and easy to talk to
  • Always willing to help
  • Open and honest


  • Establish constructive and cooperative relationships
  • Solicit the involvement of others and readily share our own experiences and expertise
  • Willing to listen, and act on feedback
  • Sensitive to and respect the feelings, cultures and beliefs of others


  • Consistently meet or exceed expectations
  • Accurate and precise
  • Deliver on time and what we agree
  • Take ownership


  • Understand our customers’ needs
  • Continually look for better ways to do things
  • Skilled and have a desire to learn
  • Understand the sector, monitor new developments, and anticipate trends

We can do those jobs that you don’t have the time or specialist knowledge to tackle – saving you time and money, and helping you focus on your priorities.  We’ll protect your confidential data and help you to align your reward management practices with overall business strategy.

When we have worked together, you will know exactly what it takes to attract, retain and motivate your key people – and have clear policies and practices in place to make it happen. So what can that achieve for your business?

  • Happier, more motivated staff;
  • Fair, equitable organisational policies;
  • Legal compliance; and
  • Improved returns for your payroll spend.

If that sounds appealing, please contact us to discuss your business challenges and find out how Paydata can help.