Workshop: Managing the 2013 Pay Review

Image: CC_HighwaysAgency Paydata are holding a workshop on managing the 2013 pay review, taking place at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, on 13 November 2012.

The session, run by Paul Hajduk, managing director at Paydata, will offer expert insight into pay prospects and challenges for the coming year.  The workshop will cover the latest trends in pay that you need to understand as you prepare for your 2013 pay review.  It will also cover the challenges that organisations are currently dealing with and likely future developments.

Attendees at this workshop will benefit from:

  • Expert analysis of the latest industry pay trends;
  • Our insight into what is really happening behind the headline economic numbers; and
  • The chance to work with other HR professionals and raise your own questions and concerns with our experts.

To reserve your place today, simply complete and return a copy of the registration form.

PDF icon Managing the 2013 Pay Review