Using PAYgrade job evaluation software to streamline your approach to job grading

We recently completed a piece of work for one of our customers, London & Quadrant (L&Q), helping them to streamline their approach to job evaluation, grading and pay.

The solution - PAYgrade job evaluation software

Having identified a need to simplify and refocus things, we worked with L&Q to establish the best course of action. Combining multi-purpose role profiles, PAYgrade job evaluation software and pay modelling offered the best solution to their issue. 

“At L&Q we looked at our Pay and Reward strategy and conducted a review to design a more streamlined approach, holding focus groups and analysing best practice elsewhere. We chose to work with the Paydata team who have really added value to the work that we have been driving forward at L&Q.”

Tom Nicholls, Group Director Human Resources, London & Quadrant

To read a full case study, including more details on our solution to L&Q's issue, please click here.