UK Reward Management Survey – Spring 2015

The spring 2015 edition of the Paydata UK Reward Management Survey is now closed.

This survey is designed to provide you with the information you need to take an informed view about what is happening in UK reward management. It builds on the successful surveys we have conducted over the past six years, enabling emerging trends to be identified. 

Trends identified as the economic recovery continues

As well as covering the usual pay and bonus outlook, this edition of the Paydata UK Reward Management Survey also covers a current and topical section on recruitment and retention. Some of our customers tell us that they are continuing to experience some issues in this area as the economic recovery continues. We would like to find out your own experience in the last six months and what you expect will happen in the next six months.

The survey should only take you a few minutes to complete and all participants will receive a free report of the results when they are published at the end of May.


We understand that some of the information we are asking for may be commercially sensitive. We therefore give you two assurances. First, that we will never share your confidential information with anyone else; and second, that we will only produce a summary report of the results making it impossible to identify individual answers.

If you require any assistance accessing the survey or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Paydata team on +44 (0)1733 391377.