Protecting your Pay Review Data

Pay review time is a time of year when the HR function comes to the fore. Of course you would love these few weeks to run smoothly, both for your department and also to create a good impression on the rest of the management team.

The traditional pay review method

The traditional method of sending out spreadsheets to each manager and then consolidating them has been fraught with issues for many years. We have tried it ourselves and found it very hard to get all the data correct before we sent it out; the HR database was slightly out of date and during the course of the review, the workforce did not stand still with employees moving jobs or getting promoted. Managers would ask for amendments to their spreadsheets and we would have to send new ones out.

A single pay review database

After experiencing the challenge of managing a spreadsheet consolidation, we at Paydata saw the way forward for a well-oiled pay review was to keep all the data in a single database, available online; our solution, PAYreview. The beauty of this is that everyone can access the database at once and any updates can be easily implemented.

All the employee data is in one place. If an employee changes job, all you have to do is give them a different review manager, and next time that manager logs in they can see their new employee. The other great thing about a single database is that you can use it to track user activity, chase managers and also spot when they are having problems.

Why use an online pay review solution?

You are trying to access a wide variety of managers and you don’t know what’s on their PCs. They might not have Microsoft Office or Lotus Notes, but you can rely on them all having a web browser. With a web based front end, they can even log in with an iPad or a smart phone.

Where to put your pay review database?

It is all about security. Accept no compromise; your data being leaked or tampered with is not a risk worth taking.  So where should you locate your pay review database?

On your company network?

This might appear to be the most secure method, but how many people have back-door access to your network? The biggest threat to your data is probably your own employees.

On a shared internet server?

Many internet service providers (ISPs) will offer you web space with a database attached. This is not secure, because the database sits on a shared server and everyone can see each others’ database.  All they have to do is guess the password.

On a managed server?

This is a dedicated server that the ISP looks after for you. They keep it patched and the anti-virus up-to-date. If it crashes they will fix it for you and they will fix all the security holes (well you certainly hope so). Oh and they can see all your data – oops!

Or there is is our preferred method...

On a dedicated internet server?

ISPs can also set up a machine just for your use. This is much better because if you own the server you can control the possible attack pathways and subsequently keep a tight rein on your data security.

Paydata's PAYreview software solution

Internet security is a highly complex subject that we at Paydata have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing. We have even employed professional hackers to try and get in. If you would like to discuss how we can help your pay review process, whilst keeping your data secure or to arrange a free online demonstration, give us a call on +44 (0)1733 391377 and we will be happy to help.