Paydata are on the move…

We’re a little ahead of ourselves but we thought we should let you know that Paydata will shortly have a new home. We’re delighted to tell you that we will be moving to new premises in a few weeks’ time.

Now you may be curious about our relocation wondering where in the UK we will be going to. Have we undertaken a yearlong search matching our requirements for people and skill sets to local labour markets - where the benchmark data suggests we’ll have competitive pay and the choice of ample talented people? You may even wonder if we’ve decided to seek new pastures in some exotic offshore tax haven.

The reality is somewhat more mundane. We will be moving to a new office…all of 100 metres away.

So why are we putting ourselves through this? After all, moving is rarely a totally painless experience and requires serious planning to avoid any disruption to our services. Well the answer is mainly due to our own success in growing the business to the point where we no longer fit in our existing premises. We need more room to grow.

For you, our customer, there should be very little difference. Our aim is to make the move as seamlessly as possible so that we can continue to provide the level of service that you are used to.

We’ll be in touch in the next few weeks as we get closer to the moving day to let you know how it’s going. In the meantime if you have any concerns or questions just give us a call (on 01733 391377).