Our services for housing associations

Housing associations occupy a unique place in the employment landscape. Their roots, their funding and, in particular, their strong sense of social purpose gives them a distinctive perspective which shapes their approach to reward. 

Paydata has customers in a wide range of industries and sectors. Many are in the private sector but we also work with many not-for-profit organisations such as professional institutes and associations. The data we hold ranges from airlines to facilities management and from housebuilders to healthcare providers.

We are increasingly being asked to undertake work for housing associations.

Our work 

Examples of the range of work we have done for housing associations:

  • Job evaluation,  pay benchmarking, pay modelling and salary scale development (L&Q)
  • Executive benchmarking (Hyde Group)
  • Pay benchmarking and bonus scheme development (Wrekin Housing Trust)
  • Reward strategy development (Anchor Trust)
  • Pay benchmarking and reward strategy development (Choices Housing Association)

Our services 

Areas of work that may be of interest to housing associations: 

  • Pay benchmarking – general benchmarking, special benchmarking (incorporating a bespoke survey if required), executive benchmarking and remuneration committee reports;
  • Pay structure development – taking one or more sources of market data and modelling it against your existing salaries to develop salary structures and scales;
  • Bonus scheme design – researching and analysing your bonus needs to develop a scheme to reward the things that are important to your organisation;
  • Pay review management – giving you the tools to manage your pay review more effectively and with less drain on your precious resources;
  • Short reward health checks – take a structured look at what you’re doing with reward and what you need to do to support your business objectives; and
  • Total reward statements – a simple way to emphasise the value you place on your employees.

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