How using our PAYreview software can save you time and money

We have been working with one of our customers Electrocomponents, helping them bring together and organise their global pay review process over the last three years. In the past their process was long, complicated and the senior managers found it extremely difficult to manage the budget to best effect.

The solution - PAYreview software

PAYreview  provides a real-time solution, which saves both time and money. It acts as a single source of data that can be updated by line managers, their approving senior managers, and HR. Everyone looks at the appropriate part of the same up-to-date data.

"Without the use of PAYreview we would not have been able to undertake our first Group-wide Pay Review activity within the timescales and with the internal resources we had available. The solution was simple for reviewing managers to use and for HR to administer and maintain. It did not require a "big system" implementation. We found Paydata to be very flexible in their support and delivery, acting as a real partner throughout the Pay Review process".

Karl Ward, Global Head of Reward, Electrocomponents

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