Helping customers with their total reward statements

We have worked with one of our customers Frontier Agriculture, helping them to refresh their approach to total reward statements and identify whether an alternative supplier could provide a better, cost-effective service.

Our solution- Total Reward Statements (TRS)

Our Total Reward Statements solution helps employers produce professional-looking, branded statements, via a flexible Pick ‘n’ Mix service. We essentially provided Frontier Agriculture with a hassle-free TRS solution to enable them to demonstrate the total value of their reward package to their employees.

“Paydata provided a very attentive, friendly and professional service to Frontier along with effective project management, attention to detail and appropriate levels of responsiveness. Frontier intend to work with Paydata again next time they undertake a TRS project.”

Jon Berry, Head of Human Resources, Frontier Agriculture

To read a full case study, including more details on our solution to issue Frontier Agriculture, please click here.