Equal opportunities and job evaluation

Today is International Women’s Day. This weekend we celebrate Mothering Sunday.  Here are three related stories that appeared this week.

Equal opportunities 

To mark International Women’s Day, the Employment Relations minister, Jo Swinson, announced a range of measures aimed at “removing the barriers” that hold women back at work.  She also expressed support for the voluntary “Think, Act, Report” scheme that encourages employers to consider workplace equality for women.

Stalled progress

Meanwhile, a research report from PwC indicated that women in the UK are less likely to be employed, have lower job security and experience greater pay inequality than their counterparts in other developed countries.  Coupled with this, the research suggested that “the UK has made improvements [...] since 2000, but this progress has been slower than other countries and has stalled since the beginning of the credit crunch in 2007.”

Pay differences for graduates

Another report, this one by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit, suggested that the male-female pay gap is happening at the bottom of the career ladder before new graduates have fully entered the employment market.  Their analysis appeared to show that female graduates were paid significantly less than male graduates, although the reasons this is happening are open to debate.

Pay and job evaluation

As a small contribution to this distinctly female weekend, we wanted to briefly mention the role of job evaluation in supporting the promotion of equal opportunities in employment.

The  Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) publishes an excellent booklet called “Job evaluation: considerations and risks”.  This promotes job evaluation as a good basis for a fair pay system but also looks at the potential pitfalls.

The importance of job evaluation in considering equal pay issues and conducting equal pay audits was described in a recent blog by Paydata’s Paul Hajduk.  He suggested the use of a robust yet simple job evaluation tool such as Paydata’s PAYgrade.

…and just in case you are wondering

International Men’s Day is on 19 November.

PDF icon ACAS booklet on Job Evaluation