Using an employee survey to understand what is important to employees

A specialist high street retailer, operating UK-wide and employing around 5,000 people.

The Issue

Our customer, a specialist high street retailer, wanted to review the employee benefits available to their people. As part of the process, they wanted to understand what benefits were important to their employees and which they valued most, as well as getting their ideas on what new benefits they would personally like to see. 

Paydata had helped with a similar exercise in another part of the business a year earlier. Our customer was keen to build on this experience and see how the views within this area of the business compared. The people they wanted to reach were spread around the UK. 

They were interested in getting a representative sample of views and recognised that it was important for people to feel comfortable about expressing their opinions. As such they would need to be confident that they could express themselves confidentially.

Our Solution

Paydata Employee Surveys offer a practical solution for the both the employer and the employees; a bespoke survey designed to the specific needs of the customer, alongside the reassurance of confidentiality that employees need in order to provide valuable responses.

We used the previous online survey as a starting point to enable direct comparisons and in order to keep development costs down. The survey was then tailored to the specific requirements of this area of the business. 

The analysis of the results was to be kept quite simple, again to help manage costs.  All the same, it needed to be used in discussing the outcomes with the key decision makers in the business. We therefore decided to use straightforward, but comprehensive, spreadsheets to show the results, with extensive use of charts to enable to the key messages to be quickly and clearly identified.

How it worked

The survey, complete with the customer’s branding, was developed quickly and was available to be launched online well before the stated deadline. To enable easy access a simple web link was distributed via email and also included on the organisation’s intranet; being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helped maximise response levels.

Once the survey went live, we tracked the response levels daily.  This helped to ensure the resultant response levels met our customer’s expectations.

Despite keeping the survey open for longer than originally planned, our analysis of the results was completed ahead of schedule, and was available as input for critical management discussions.

The final report included the statistical output, specifically filtered to identify differences between roles and regions. The accompanying charts enabled variations between these to be identified very easily.  In addition we provided a comprehensive listing of free format comments – classified for ease of analysis and cleaned up to maintain participant anonymity.

The Outcome

Despite some challenging and changing deadlines, the final survey ran smoothly throughout. The survey was well structured, looked professional and employees seemed happy to trust our reassurances of confidentiality.

We were able to keep the customer informed on progress throughout, so there were no nasty surprises. The responses provided the right level of detail and clarity required to inform management decisions without over-complicating things.

"We aim to give our customers an employeee survey that is tailored to their specific needs, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.  At the same time, we want their employees to feel that they can express their views in confidence."

Peter Brown
Paydata Consultant
Specialist High Street Retailer