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PAYreview HR Software - FAQ's

1. How can PAYreview HR software save me time?

Our PAYreview HR software is quick to use, with easy access to all the data you need; it keeps everything together in one place. Customers tell us they spend up to 500 hours each year managing their pay review. Then factor in the number of hours line managers spend debating, agreeing and communicating reward decisions to HR and the extent of the resources required becomes clear.

PAYreview uses the latest online technology to simplify the pay review process, thereby reducing the time and resources required.

2. How can PAYreview software save me money?

A typical payroll bill can be £15-30 million. If our online pay review software can help you save just one per cent of this by differentiating and managing your pay decisions better, that could save you more than £150,000. 

By streamlining the pay review process, our software helps line managers to focus on the impact of their reward decisions, within a clear budget. So you can focus on achieving the right outcome of the review – that is, rewarding those people that add the most value to the business - rather than the process.

3. How secure is PAYreview software?

It is much more secure than using multiple spreadsheets or pieces of paper. We store your data centrally in one place, on our own world-class hosting platform. Our security is in line with best practice within the industry; we are also a Microsoft Partner and registered with the Data Protection Act.

4. How do we get our information into and out of PAYreview? 

We agree a set format to receive your data, such as a spreadsheet or .csv file. Then we import your data into PAYreview. The results can easily be exported from our system via payroll uploads or change logs. A suite of useful management reports is also included in the standard package, so you can review reward decisions in real time.

5. How far can I customise the system?

It is not just an off-the-shelf solution. It is quick and simple to make standard customisations on fonts, logos and field names for example. There is also the option for extra customisations, including building in performance matrices or business rules. These are available in blocks of days. We will estimate and agree time with you before doing any work.

6. What are the system requirements?

All users need is an internet-connected computer with a browser, although we recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above. Administrators need a run-time version of Microsoft Access (2003 version and upwards) running on Windows.

7. What types of organisation can use PAYreview software?

PAYreview is suitable for all types of organisations, including those that operate in geographically diverse labour markets. PAYreview can be utilised in multiple countries and regions and the user interface can easily be customised for different currencies and languages. 

8. What system support does Paydata offer?

PAYreview is designed for easy use. However, we provide a range of support services, including online training videos and tutorials and dedicated telephone and email support. We also provide training to system administrators, such as HR professionals, to help them get the most out of the system.

9. What are the pricing options for PAYreview software?

This depends on the size and complexity of your review. Please contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote.

Like to know more about PAYreview or arrange an online demonstration? Then please get in touch