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Viorica Tataru

Data Analyst

Having joined Paydata in 2017, Vio is a keen data specialist and relatively new to the world of reward, having previously specialised in the banking sector.

Vio's Career 

Vio’s career in reward management started recently, when Vio decided to move to the UK. Previously Vio worked in the healthcare and banking sectors, working with people as a nurse and with data as a reporting officer.

Vio's Expertise

Vio is responsible for analysing and cleaning data, importing this information into the database, producing salary surveys and various ad hoc reports. One of her biggest responsibilities since she started to work at Paydata was to develop the Benefits Survey Database. Vio enjoys testing new products and thinking creatively about how Paydata can meet its customers’ needs.

Vio's Interests

Travelling is one of Vio’s biggest passions. She likes to explore new places, cultures and enjoys getting to know different people. Vio also enjoys volunteering, being a Scout leader since 2014. In her spare time, Vio enjoys listening to music and reading, preferably biographies.

I am personable: creating long-lasting relationships with our customers is really important to me. I aim to get to know our customers better, understand their needs and deliver quality work."

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