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Victoria Churton, Human Resources Manager - ESP Utilities Group

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After 20 years in operation, ESP Utilities Group wanted to introduce a grading structure for all roles across the organisation. Their business strategy identified job grading as a priority to create clear career paths for their staff to inspire, engage and motivate them.

ESP Utilities Group is a network operator that works with housing developers, social landlords, industry and individuals to maintain the gas and electricity networks throughout the United Kingdom. ESP Utilities Group employs around 75 people in 45 unique roles.

How we helped ESP Utilities Group

The Issue

The project addressed three key challenges:


Providing a consistent and equitable framework within which to manage personal development and careers


Illustrating how jobs relate to each other within the organisation


Providing an equitable, fair, transparent and consistent approach to how grades are defined and jobs are graded

Our Solution

Based on ESP Utilities Group’s vision and commitment to its employees, we created a defined system of job grades throughout the organisation. Our job grading skills, built up over decades of practical experience, focus on the key things that make a real difference to each role.

The structure meant that ESP Utilities Group could introduce clear career paths for their employees which include gas and electrical engineers, as well as finance, HR and marketing personnel.

How PAYgrade created clear career paths at ESP Utilities Group

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How it worked


Understanding the current job descriptions and reward practices in place


Determining grades and introducing a proven grading system


Supporting the employer’s commitment to employee progression


Supporting internal communications

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