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Job Evaluation and Grading Structures

Job evaluation schemes can help you create order and structure in your pay arrangements. They are also a great way of making sure your people are rewarded fairly for the work they do, relative to others in the business.

Paydata's approach to job evaluation

Paydata has designed job evaluation schemes for a wide range of businesses over many years. Our approach has helped customers to:

  • Simplify pay benchmarking;
  • Manage pay relativities;
  • Create fairer systems;
  • Increase employee perceptions of fair evaluation;
  • Help meet legal obligations, such as equal pay; and
  • Provide a structure for benefits provision.

Creating a job evaluation scheme

Our substantial HR experience of different job evaluation methods means we understand the practicalities of creating a job evaluation scheme. We can help you build a scheme based on your specific business objectives, culture and work-based initiatives such as competency frameworks. Once your system is built you can manage it easily yourself, without further input from us. 

If you need to underpin a career family structure, we can develop a job evaluation scheme to do this. It takes a little longer to set up, but ongoing maintenance should still be quick and simple for you to do.

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