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Pay Settlement Database

Our pay settlement database, PAYaward, is a business insight service that informs your pay review discussions and enables you to access details of historic pay settlements and awards by employer.

Our customers ask if we can help provide market data on pay budgets and pay awards against key competitors and across all industries as it informs their pay budget discussions.

We have strength in many key industry sectors and with PAYaward you will have access to the raw market data, which you can filter by industry sector, size of employer, region etc.

Why access PAYaward?

  1. Ability to filter settlements by industry sector, date, region etc;
  2. Summary statistics calculated on the entire database and your own chosen filters;
  3. Monthly settlement reports which summarise market trends by industry, date, etc;
  4. Business insight reports that contain relevant up-to-date pay and government statistics (RPI, CPI, Average Earnings, National Minimum Wage, etc); and
  5. Periodic summary forecast reports to help you budget for future reviews.

What is included in your subscription?

To gain access to PAYaward, simply contact us to register for a free log-in.

If you would like to know more about our new Pay Settlement database subscription please get in touch.