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Industry Salary Surveys

Industry salary surveys are often the only way you can access pay data for specialist jobs or sectors, focusing on specific job types, or people working in the same local labour market. They offer a confidential and legal way of exchanging pay and benefits data.

Industry salary survey clubs

Paydata’s expert team has set up and managed industry salary surveys for many years. We have experience in creating salary survey clubs ourselves, as well as being commissioned as an outsourced supplier by existing clubs. In all cases, we have developed tailored solutions to meet members’ needs. 

We believe that club members know their jobs and the market better than anyone else. We therefore work with group members to agree jobs for inclusion and the reports they need. We currently operate industry salary surveys for clients in a variety of sectors, including:

Industry salary surveys data collection and reporting

Paydata collects and analyses data using a flexible database, modified to suit each group’s needs. You can input your pay data by questionnaire or payroll download. We then produce personalised survey reports, showing how your pay data compares to the market; you can even select your own comparator group on selected surveys (subject to a minimum comparator group size).  With regular database updates throughout the year and up to three report downloads per annum, you can decide the best time to receive your survey report; just update the pay information after your annual review, and we will always have the latest salary and benefits data when you need it. 

Paydata’s salary surveys help you benchmark pay and benefits quickly, efficiently and with minimum hassle. Your time is precious, and our pay benchmarking surveys reflect that.

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