Employee Engagement

Dealing with the employee engagement deficit

Four years ago, David MacLeod and Nita Clarke were asked by the Government to look into engagement levels in UK businesses and how they were affecting business performance. When their report was published in 2009, it received a lukewarm reception among HR professionals for being too high level and lacking in practical advice.

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Employees don't appreciate the value of the total reward package

According to the latest Reward risk survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), employers are concerned that employees don't appreciate the value of the total reward offering.

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Employers failing to communicate the value of the reward package

The majority of employers in the UK could be wasting the money they spend on salaries and benefits by leaving employees in the dark about the true value of the total package. That’s according to new research published today by the CIPD at its annual Reward Conference.

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