UK Reward Management Survey Spring 2015 - Summary Report

Twice a year we run the Paydata UK Reward Management Survey. It tracks what is happening, and what is expected to happen in the world of reward.

This survey has tracked annual pay budgets throughout the steady economic progress that we have seen since the financial crisis of 2008. This has been against a predominantly positive background of strengthening employment prospects and extremely low inflation. The recovery from the recession has been both gradual and undramatic. 

Our survey has tracked pay and progress throughout this period and has been designed to capture the emerging trends for areas of interest such as bonuses, employee turnover and HR budgets. The spring edition of the survey also looks in-depth at recruitment and retention.

The spring 2015 survey attracted a record number of responses from a people in a wide range of sectors – well over 100 participants representing almost a third of a million employees in the UK. We would like to thank those of you who have recommended the survey to others and helped the survey to grow as an authoritative source of information and insight on the world of reward.

Download a summary version of the survey report below, which gives some of the highlights. A full report of the findings is available free of charge to all participants. To register to take part in future editions of the survey, please sign-up here

The autumn edition of the Paydata UK Reward Management Survey will be launched in early September 2015.

PDF icon UK Reward Management Survey Spring 2015 - Summary Report