Time to address the engagement deficit

As we look ahead to 2013, Louise Aston, workwell director at Business in the Community, has explored the need the address the employee engagement deficit.

Survey after survey indicates that only a third of workers say they are engaged. We are working in tough times which look set to continue. People are putting in longer hours, are more stressed and feel anxious about the future, particularly job security and their financial future. There is also a general lack of confidence in leadership and a need for those in positions of authority to inspire trust.

In Louise's opinion, HR managers should therefore push for improved and sustainable employee engagement in a number of ways: 

  • Equipping employees with the tools they need to get their jobs done efficiently.
  • Providing a work environment that actively supports physical, emotional and interpersonal wellbeing - healthy employees are more productive than unhealthy or absent ones.
  • Promoting strong leadership and encouraging open communication between employees and leaders. 
  • Harnessing and investing in employee talent and skills.
  • Supporting line managers, managing pressure, so it doesn't turn into stress.