PAYnotes on pay settlements April 2016

Latest market trends from PAYaward pay settlements database, for pay reviews actioned to date in 2016:

  • Median pay settlements, across all industries stands at 2.30 per cent, up from 2.20 per cent up to March;
  • Median pay awards are once again highest in the Construction and the Civil Engineering and Building sectors, and in the Hotels, Restaurants and Catering sector; and
  • One company has reported a pay freeze.

Designed to make up-to-date pay award data available as and when you need it, PAYaward is ideal for informing your 2016 pay review. The comprehensive database currently holds data for around 200 companies and can be filtered however you decide, by industry sector, size of employer, agreement date, region and level of award.

If you would like to gain access to the demo version of PAYaward, please call +44(0)1733 391377.