Just a quick reminder…

The employee opinion surveys we run for our customers usually ask some questions about benefits. It is almost inevitable that a sizeable number of people answering the survey say they don’t know about some of the benefits they get or are entitled to.

This probably happens for a number of reasons. 

It could be that the benefits are not actually that good and that people don’t value them – in reality they are not seen as a “benefit”. Or maybe the employee has simply forgotten about the benefit.  

Perhaps the benefits were not well communicated when they were introduced, although most employers seem to work hard to get this right. Or it may be that benefits are only valued and noticed at the time they meet a potential recipient’s needs. For example, a season ticket loan scheme may not register with the person who cycles to the office, whilst the Bike to Work scheme does.   

Communicating the total reward package

Each employee has their own particular interests and needs. These change over time. It is therefore vital to ensure that benefits are communicated regularly, using methods such as annual Total Reward Statements, so that benefits remain relevant and perceived as so. Such methods benefit the employer further by demonstrating the value of those “forgotten” benefits; thereby ensuring the employee is aware of both what is on offer and the overall financial value of their total reward package.