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Gender Pay Reporting Service

If you need help calculating your mandatory gender pay gap figures, our Gender Pay Reporting service can help.

By April 2018, employers with over 250 employees are required to publish data regarding the pay gap between male and female employees using their April 2017 pay data. Inevitably, fulfilling this new legal obligation has become a key concern for employers and, to help, we can calculate your mandatory gender pay gap figures for just £500 plus VAT. 

Gender Pay Reporting made easy - our four step process



Select a date when you would like to receive your Gender Pay data results.



Complete and submit our spreadsheet template with your raw data.


We will run basic checks on your data to ensure it is clean, highlighting if you need to correct anything before resubmitting it to us.



Within 10 working days of receiving your clean data, we will produce a simple report with all the figures required to meet the legislation, including how they have been calculated. 

Register today

Register today

It is as simple as that! If you would like to know more and have any questions around Gender Pay Reporting, please email GenderPay@paydata.co.uk

“We have discussed Gender Pay with employers since the autumn of 2015. With the government publishing the draft legislation in late 2016, employers see this as a key priority in 2017. It has therefore been of little surprise that so many have already signed up for our service. They tell us that they really appreciate our offer of help and value our expertise in the area." 

Tim Kellett, Pay and Reward Expert