Emerging trends for Gender Pay Reporting and the National Living Wage

Interesting trends are emerging in the autumn 2016 edition of Paydata’s UK Reward Management Survey.

Our UK Reward Management Survey is designed to provide you with the information you need to take an informed view about what is happening in UK reward management. It reports on the areas of employment, base pay and bonuses. This edition also covers a current and topical section on gender pay reporting.

Looking at the data we have collected so far, we can see trends emerging in relation to how people are managing gender pay reporting and future plans for the National Living Wage:

  • With the National Living Wage targeted to reach around £9.00 per hour by 2020, increasing prices for customers, increasing productivity and increasing base pay (by consolidating allowances) are the favoured plans being considered to try minimise the cost implications of its introduction;
  • Over three quarters of respondents do not currently report on gender pay, and the majority of these originations have over 250 employees, so they will be directly affected by the new regulations on gender pay reporting; and
  • When asked what concerns respondents have about implementing the new gender pay reporting requirements, issues included not having defined job banding in place, as well as concerns over the implications of publishing a high pay gap.